Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


The following prices will be awarded during the 5th GGL Annual Conference

Presentation Awards

Best Poster: 1. Place: 150 EUR; 2. Place 100 EUR; 3. Place 50 EUR

The posters will be evaluated by a poster commission consisting of doctoral students and and supervisors from all sections.
The main criteria will be: content, intelligibility, layout/presentation.

Best Talk: 150 EUR
The talks will be evaluated by ballot by the complete audience. 


GGL Picture Award

We are also going to award the best photograph for the following 3 categories:
1. Laboratory work (depicting work in your lab, e.g. member of your team using a specific instrument)
2. Research (images of your results such as cells, gels etc. depicting an aspect of your work)
3. Student Life (conferences; retreats; visits to other labs; what are you doing when you relax?)

Pictures will be exhibited at the GGL conference, evaluated by ballots from all GGL members and awarded prizes of 50 EUR for each category.

The deadline to submit your photographs and forms is September 10th, 2012.

Please read the rules and submission form carefully before you submit your photographs!

Deadline Award

For outstanding speediness in the submission of the abstract: a book voucher
For outstanding tardiness in the submission of the abstract: one lemon