Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Instructions for Posters and Presentations

Deadline: Coming soon.

General considerations

When preparing your presentation, please keep in mind that you will be presenting to an audience that comes from many different disciplines and might not be aware of the conventions within your own field of research. Therefore, you might need to take some time to introduce your topic and explain the most important basic principles.


Both Posters and Talks should contain the GGL logo.

You'll find a transparent version of the logo here.



File format: Please save your presentation in a Powerpoint Pack-and-Go version (.pps; Bildschirmpräsentation in German) in order to keep it to a reasonable file size. If you use pictures, please make sure to resize them for on-screen presentation.


Deadline: Since all talks need to be checked and loaded onto the conference notebook and the programme starts early on Wednesday, you must send your talk to by September 10 9:00 AM. Three GGL students will be in charge of the notebook and the presentations on it during the conference in case you need to make any last-minute changes.


Schedule: Please consult the (preliminary) programme for the time of your talk. You will have 15 minutes in total, 10 minutes for your talk and 5 minutes for discussion. Please be fair to your audience and to the following speakers by sticking to this time limit.



Paper format: Please prepare your poster in A0 (84 x118 cm) format, portrait (not landscape).


Deadline for printing: If your supervisor/department/group is unable to pay for the printing, the GGL can assist you with the payment for the printing of the poster. In that case, please inform the GGL office by Monday, August 26, that you need financial support and have your poster ready for printing at the same time.