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Instructions Online Voting

Online Voting – 7th GGL Annual Conference on Life Sciences 2014

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Voting for the Best Talk and Photo Competition will be conducted online.

You can use your smartphone, tablet or a public voting station (laptop) located at the registration to vote. Wireless internet (Eduroam) is provided in the physics building.

If you have a QR code scanner installed on your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to access directly the voting portal by scanning the code. Please download a QR code scanner in advance, so that you will not overload the wireless network. Turn off the sound of your phone in the lecture hall, especially when using the QR scanner!

If you do not have a QR code scanner or are using a public voting station, you can vote from the link on the conference homepage or at: If your smartphone does not allow you to submit, please also go to the website and enter your TAN by hand.

Guidelines for Voting for the Best Talk:

  • After the final talk of each section, you will have 30 minutes to vote either with your TAN or QR code.
  • Log in either by scanning the QR code with your phone or tablet or by entering the TAN on the website.
  • Make your decision based on three criteria mentioned below.
  • For each criterion, enter a value from 1 (Excellent) to 10 (Unsatisfactory).
  • You only have one QR code/TAN for each of the sections. The QR code/TAN can only be used once within 30 minutes after the session has finished.
  • After pressing “send”, the QR code/TAN is no longer valid.
  • The Best Talk will be announced at the end of the conference during the Awards Ceremony.
  • After the conference, each of the speakers will receive detailed feedback based on the three criteria from the anonymous survey.

Guidelines for Voting for the Photo Competition:

  • Voting for the Photo Competition will take place throughout the duration of the Conference (up to the end of the final poster session).
  • Use the QR code/TAN marked for the Photo Competition to log into the voting portal.
  • Select one photo from each of the three categories (Lab Work, Research, Student Life) and click “send” to submit.
  • Each QR code/TAN may only be used once and becomes invalid after submission.
    • The winners in each category as well as the single photo with the most votes will be announced during the Award Ceremony.

Make your decision based on three criteria:

  • Content: How informative was the presentation? Did the speaker present interesting results as well as all other information needed to understand the outcome of his or her research? Was the amount of information just right, too much or too little?
  • Presentation: How well designed was the presentation? Were animations used to emphasize the results or to divert attention.  How well did he or she present the talk orally? Did he or she speak loud enough and at an appropriate speed? Did he or she grab your attention or bore you? Did the speaker make an effort to interact with the audience?
  • Intelligibility: Did he/she make an effort to explain important terms? Was there a story that you could follow throughout the talk? Did he or she explain what his/her results mean and why they are important? Where tables, graphs and images sufficiently labelled and explained and were they large enough to understand them quickly?