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GGL Presentation Awards 2014

We are glad to announce this year's winners of the GGL Presentation Awards!


Best Poster

Winner 1st Place: Anja Magiera

Poster Title: Analyzing the productivity of subalpine grasslands in the Greater Caucasus by means of remote sensing

 Anja Magiera Poster


Winner 2nd Place: Lennart Weber

Poster Title: A SRNA in Rhodobacter spaeroides which is processed upon 1O2 exposure




Winner 3rd Place: Saleh Khalil

Poster Title: Mass Spectrometry imaging (MSI) in Malaria Research

 Saleh Khalil Poster

Best Talk

Winner: Luisa Duenas

Talk: Evaluating patterns of gene flow of the deep‐sea octocoral Tokoprymno Maia across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current


Congratulations to all winners!