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Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022

11:30 Registration
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Opening Remarks

 Session I: Thiophosphate and Sulfide Electrolytes and Cell Concepts

Understanding the Interphasial Phenomena in All-Solid-State Batteries
Y. Shirley Meng (Chicago/US, San Diego/US)
Characterization of Solid Electrolytes and All-Solid-State Batteries under Active Pressure Control
Bernhard Roling (Marburg/DE), N. Kaiser (Marburg/DE), M. Kroll (Marburg/DE), M. Duchardt (Marburg/DE), V. Miß (Marburg/DE), M. Cronau (Marburg/DE), C. König (Marburg/DE), A. Ramanayagam (Marburg/DE)
Solid-state batteries at Umicore

Shinichi Kumakura (Olen/BE)

15:00 Recent development on components and processing for thiophosphate-based all-solid-state-batteries Felix Hippauf (Dresden/DE), S. Cangaz (Dresden/DE), A. Dupuy (Dresden/DE), S. Poetke (Dresden/DE), M. Fiedler (Dresden/DE), B. Schumm (Dresden/DE), T. Abendroth (Dresden/DE), H. Althues (Dresden/DE), S. Kaskel (Dresden/DE)
15:20 Coffee Break  
15:50 Conformal Nanoparticle Coatings for Stabilizing Layered Ni-Rich Cathodes in All-Solid-State Battery Environments Yuan Ma (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE), Jürgen Janek (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE), Aleksandr Kondrakov (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE), Torsten Brezesinski (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE)
16:10 Understanding the role of charge carrier transport in high performance silicon-based anode composite for solid state lithium-ion battery Moumita Rana (Münster/DE), Wolfgang Zeier (Münster/DE)
16:30 Interface evolution of the LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2/Li6PS5Cl solid-state battery cathodes during cycling Barthélémy Lelotte (Villigen/CH), C. A. F. Vaz (Villigen/CH), C. Borca (Villigen/CH), T. Huthwelker (Villigen/CH), V. Pelé (Bordeaux/FR), C. Jordy (Bordeaux/FR), L. Gubler (Villigen/CH), M. El Kazzi (Villigen/CH)
16:50 Implementation of conversion alloy active materials as anodes in solid-state batteries and their stability compared to liquid systems Julian J. A. Kreissl (Gießen/DE), J. Janek (Gießen/DE)
17:10 Visualizing mechanical defects of sulfidic solid-state Li-ion batteries Robert S. Young (London/GB), F. Iacoviello (London/GB), A. J.E. Rettie (London/UK), R. Jervis (London/GB)
17:30 Poster Speed Talks  
18:30 Poster Session, "Dinner@Poster"  


Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022

Session II: Oxide and Polymer Electrolytes and Cell Concepts


Mechano-electrochemical Phenomena and Anode-free Manufacturing of Solid-state Batteries

Jeff Sakamoto (Ann Arbor/US)
Beyond PEO with Hybrid Concepts: Caprolactone Oligomers as Key Strategy Towards Higher Energy Densities
Gunther Brunklaus (Münster/DE), Y.-H. Chen (Münster/DE), F. Kempe (Münster/DE), K. L. Liu (Münster/DE), A. Buchheit (Münster/DE), M. Winter (Münster/DE)
Insights into the role of interfaces chemistry to improve the performance of metal anode solid-state batteries
E. Querel (London/UK), I. Seymour (London/UK), R. Brugge (London/UK), A. Cavallaro (London/UK), N. Nabi (London/UK), F. Pesci (London/UK), Ainara Aguadero  (London/UK, Cantoblanco/ES)
10:15 Coffee Break  
10:45 Understanding the Dendrite-Growth of NaSICON Electrolytes and Enhancing their Dendrite-Tolerance by Surface Engineering Qianli Ma (Jülich/DE), T. Ortmann (Gießen/DE), A. Yang (Jülich/DE), F. Tietz (Jülich/DE), Dina Fattakhova-Rohlfing (Jülich/DE, Duisburg/DE), Jürgen Janek (Gießen/DE), Olivier Guillon (Jülich/DE)
11:05 Grain boundary engineering to control chemistry and transport for safe garnet-type solid-state electrolytes Hyunwon Chu (Cambridge/US), T. Defferriere (Cambridge/US), K. Kim (Munich/DE), H. Paik (Cambridge/US), L. Kong (Cambridge/US), H. L. Tuller (Cambridge/US), J. L. M. Rupp (Munich/DE)
11:25 Handling the carbonates: An easy modification of the LLZO surface towards better interfaces Ignacio Cuevas Zuviría (Uppsala/SE), F. Nkosi (Uppsala/SE), K. Edström (Uppsala/SE), Mario Valvo (Uppsala/SE)
11:45 Investigations on the ion transport of NASICON for sodium all-solid state battery electrolytes Eunike Mahayoni (Amiens/FR), Z. Deng (Singapore/SG), T. P. Mishra (Singapore/SG), Q. Ma (Jülich/DE), A. J. K. Tieu (Singapore/SG), O. Guillon (Jülich/DE), P. Canepa (Singapore/SG), J. N. Chotard (Amiens/FR), V. Seznec (Amiens/FR), C. Masquelier (Amiens/FR)
12:05 Beyond PEO: Sidechain Diester polymer electrolytes for all solid-state Lithium metal batteries Mukundan Thelakkat (Bayreuth/DE), D. Rosenbach (Bayreuth/DE), A. Krimalowski (Bayreuth/DE), H. Erabhoina (Bayreuth/DE)
12:25 Lunch  

Session III:  Processing of SSB Materials and Cells

Understanding the interplay of material selection, product design and manufacturing process as the key for scalable production of high-energy ASSB electrodes
Rüdiger Daub (Garching/DE)
Technical, economic and ecological evaluation of production processes for Solid-State-Batteries
S. Weber (Braunschweig/DE), D. Wolff (Braunschweig/DE), M. Grube (Braunschweig/DE), N. Dilger (Braunschweig/DE), Sabrina Zellmer (Braunschweig/DE)
A solid state lithium-metal anode battery development at QuantumScape
Yuki Katoh (San Jose/US)
15:10 Factorial Energy: Transformational Semi-Solid-State Technology Raimund Koerver (Munich/DE, Woburn/US)
15:30 Coffee Break  
16:00 All‑solid‑state sodium-ion batteries based on hydroborates I. Bardenhagen (Bremen/DE), J. Thomas (Bremen/DE), F. Langer (Bremen/DE), Julian Schwenzel (Bremen/DE)
16:20 Towards water-processable catholytes for solid-state batteries Elina Nazmutdinova (Münster/DE), A. Gröschel (Münster/DE), N. M. Vargas-Barbosa (Münster/DE)

Session IV:  Theory and Modelling

Impact of structures and Interfaces on performance of solid state batteries: A  simulation perspective
Arnulf Latz (Ulm/DE), M. Clausnitzer (Ulm/DE), J. Dippell (Ulm/DE), T. Danner (Ulm/DE)
Microstructure of Composite Cathodes for All-Solid-State Batteries: Origins, Influences and Consequences
Anja Bielefeld (Gießen/DE), J. Janek (Gießen/DE)
19:00 Departure to Conference Banquet  


Thursday, Nov 24, 2022

 Session V: Alternative Systems and Characterisation

Materials Chemistry Spaces for Halide Superionic Conductors for All-Solid-State Batteries
H. Kwak (Seoul/KR), J. Park (Seoul/KR), J. S. Kim (Seoul/KR), J. P. Son (Seoul/KR), Yoon Seok Jung (Seoul/KR)
Electrode reactions with large volume expansion in solid-state batteries
Philipp Adelhelm (Berlin/DE)
Multiscale operando investigation of sulfide based solid electrolyte
O. Thompson (Grenoble/FR), P. Perrenot (Grenoble/FR), O. Korjus (Grenoble/FR), L. Trassart (Grenoble/FR), A. Fauchier-Magnan (Grenoble/FR), E. Suard (Grenoble/FR), F. Fauth (Barcelona/ES), F. Alloin (Grenoble/FR), Claire Villevieille (Grenoble/FR)
10:15 Understanding inorganic/organic interfacial charge transfer by identifying the governing parameters of electrolyte/ceramic interface Léa R. Mangani (Grenoble/FR), James A. Isaac (Grenoble/FR), Didier Devaux (Grenoble/FR), Renaud Bouchet (Grenoble/FR)
10:35 Coffee Break  
11:00 Characterization of the interfacial chemistry and Li-ion exchange processes in ceramic–polymer composites by solid state NMR. Juan M. López del Amo (Vitora-Gasteiz/ES)
11:20 Cost-efficient Na+ halide solid electrolyte using earth-abundant metal elements for all-solid-state Na-ion batteries Juhyoun Park (Seoul/KR), J. P. Son (Seoul/KR), H. Kwak (Seoul/KR), Y. Choi (Seoul/KR), Y. S. Jung (Seoul/KR)
11:40 Tuning halide solid electrolytes - synthesis, aliovalent doping and halogen substitution shed light into structure to property relationships Eveline van der Maas (Delft/NL), S. Ganapathy (Delft/NL), M. Wagemaker (Delft/NL)
12:00 Elucidating the redox processes of lithium thiophosphate solid electrolytes by X-ray spectroscopic techniques Valerie Siller (Villigen/CH), C. A. F. Vaz (Villigen/CH), C. Borca (Villigen/CH), T.Huthwelker (Villigen/CH), M. El Kazzi (Villigen/CH)
12:20 Concentration and Velocity Profiles in a Polymeric Lithium-ion Battery Electrolyte Hans-Georg Steinrück (Paderborn/DE), C. J. Takacs (Stanford/US), H.-K. Kim (Lemont/US), D. M. Mackanic (Stanford/US), B. Holladay (San Diego/US), C. Cao (Upton/US), S. Narayanan (Lemont/US), E. M. Dufresne (Lemont/US), Y. Chushkin (Grenoble/FR), B. Ruta (Grenoble/FR), F. Zontone (Grenoble/FR), J. Will (Erlangen/DE), O. Borodin (Adelphi/US), S. K. Sinha (San Diego/US), V. Srinivasan (Lemont/US), M. F. Toney (Boulder/US)
12:40 Probing the interfacial dynamics of polymer electrolyte-based SSBs Yaolin Xu (Berlin/DE), E. Kataev (Berlin/DE), R. Felix-Duarte (Berlin/DE), R. Garcia-Diez (Berlin/DE), K.V. Tran (Berlin/DE), Z. Kochovski (Berlin/DE), P. Feng (Berlin/DE), M. Bär (Berlin/DE), I. Manke (Berlin/DE), Y. Lu (Berlin/DE), P. Adelhelm (Berlin/DE)
13:00 Concluding Remarks  
13:10 Lunch and Departure