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Qing Lin


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Professional Experience and Teaching

08/2017 - 07/2020  

Research assistant, TU München, Lehrstuhl Hydrologie und Flussgebietsmanagement

Projekt: Hinweiskarte Oberflächenabfluss und Sturzflut unter Bayerischen Landesamtes für Umwelt



Since 08/2017    PhD in hydrology, Ingenieurfakultät Bau Geo Umwelt, TU München, Germany,
(Thesis submitted)
10/2013 - 09/2016   MSc in Computational Mechanics, Ingenieurfakultät Bau Geo Umwelt, TU München, Germany
09/2009 - 07/2013   BSc. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 
Fudan Universität, Shanghai, China


Further Information

Affiliation          Member of ZEU | Senior Scientist
Focus Area   Climate & Environmental Change
ZEU Projects 

Peer-review Articles

  • Multistep flood inundation forecasts with resilient backpropagation neural networks: Kulmbach Case Study Lin et al., Water, 12(12), 2020, 3268.
  • Prediction of maximum flood inundation extents with resilient backpropagation neural network: Case Study of Kulmbach Lin et al., Frontiers in Earth Science, Vol. 8, 2020, p332.
  • Inclusion of narrow flow paths between buildings in coarser grids for urban flood modeling: virtual surface links
    Ramsauer et al., Water, 2021, 13(19), 2629
  • Optimization of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Maximum Flood Inundation Forecasts
    Zhu et al., Water, 13(16), 2021, 2252


Conference Papers on hydrodynamic modelling


Conference Papers on parallel-computing