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05/06/2022 | Dr. Matthias Höher celebrates his 25th anniversary as an employee of the Justus Liebig University Giessen

Since Feb 15th 2001, Matthias has been acting as the managing director of the ZEU. This is also an opportunity for us to show our appreciation to Matthias!

Dear Matthias,

We thank you for your continuous support in the organization of the ZEU, the helping hand in project application and processing, the assistance in administration and personnel management and all the other tedious tasks that you solve arising in such a dynamic and diverse environment as the ZEU.

We are looking forward to continuing working with you as successfully as we have done it in the last quarter century that is now coming to an end!

Keep your good humor - even if administrative processes are not always the most humorous tasks in science management.


All employees of the ZEU
All members of the ZEU
The ZEU Board of Directors