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@FB 08, 09, 10: Presenting and Teaching Science - Comprehensive, Competent and Convincing (25. und 26.01.2013)

The workshop will actively train didactic-related topics.


25.01.2013 10:00 bis 26.01.2013 18:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Physiological Institute, Aulweg 129, 35392 Giessen, GGL room nr. 428

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a) Preparation and planning techniques of presentations and teaching sequences;

b) Building attractive presentations – appropriate use of methods and media;

c) Dealing with nervousness (strategies and techniques),
goofs, mishaps and difficult situations in presentations and teaching situations;

d) Winning over the audience (Strategies);

e) Creating interactive teaching situations, appropriate classroom communication together with interactive teaching methods;

f) Authentic Appearance and Presence, Self- vs. Interpersonal perception;

g) Verbal-Aspects: Breathing and voice; Non-Verbal Aspects: Mimics, gestures, postures and movements


Referenten: Dr. Christian Dumpitak (Dipl. Biologe); Knut Hannemann (M.A.)

Inhalte und Methoden: Many factors have an influence on the success of a scientific presentation or a teaching situation. Next to excellent scientific work, preparation and knowledge of the field, other important factors are:  
Confident and authentic appearance,
Intentional use of voice,
body language and requisites,

Adequate use of media and comprehensive figure design,
Adequate time management,
Rhetorical skills,
Clear structure and convincing argumentation techniques and strategies,
Diversified style and dramaturgy,
interactive teaching structure and methods,

Motivation and activation of the audience.