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GGS: Teaching Assistants (01.09 + 29.09.14)

This course prepares you to plan and give your first lecture with confidence. You will learn how to plan a lecture, how to activate your students, how to frame appropriate learning goals, and how to cope with a heterogeneous audience.


01.09.2014 09:00 bis 29.09.2014 17:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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Trainer: Dipl.-Päd. Alexandra Bergedick

Dates: 01.09.2014 09-17h and 29.09.2014 09-17h

Inhalte und Methoden:

Topics: The course addresses successful applicants of the GGS Teaching Assistantship programme. You will learn about different teaching methods and about their combination into an appropriate session plan. We will also deal with moderation techniques and discuss the challenges of handling a heterogeneous target group. After the workshop you should feel confident with preparing your lecture didactically appropriately. About one month later a training session will be held. During this training you will practice a part of your lecture, which you have prepared based on the knowledge acquired in workshop 1, and you will receive feedback by the trainer and by your peers.

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