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LOEWE-Schwerpunkt Tumor und Entzündung

Tumor und Enzündung
(Phillips-Universität, Marburg, Federführung)

Laufzeit: ab 01.07.2008



 The interdisciplinary priority research program 'Tumors and Inflammation' of Philipps University Marburg and Justus Liebig University Giessen went into session in 2008, and was funded by the LOEWE excellence program – an initiative of the German state government of Hessen.

Systemic and local inflammatory processes are a hallmark of many tumors and have a direct impact on tumor development. The LOEWE Excellence program was initiated to advance our under­standing of how tumor, inflammatory immune, and stromal cells communicate within the tumor en­viron­ment and influence each other. These mutual cellular interactions result in intracellular signaling cascades either via cell-cell contact or soluble mediators and thereby have a direct impact on the final tumor out­come. A deeper knowledge of the underlying mechanisms will also allow for the deve­lop­ment of intervention strategies to redirect tumor growth, pro­gression, and metastasis.

Besides the scientific objectives of the LOEWE program, a pronounced goal is also to strengthen collaborations between the internationally renowned local research groups from both basic science and clinical depart­ments. This close cross-disciplinary collaboration will further boost the scientific reputa­tion of Marburg University and the participating groups in the field of tumor biology.