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EU-Event for Early Career Researchers

ERC Starting Grants and MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships Explained

Information on the event

Obtaining EU funding can be tricky, especially if you are a first time applicant. This online information event will provide you with relevant information on how to apply to the two early career programmes for postdocs, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF) and the ERC-Starting Grants (ERC-StG). Additionally, experienced PIs will share their experiences with the application process and project execution during a panel discussion. You are welcome to join the discussion and address the speakers with questions in the chat.


Hosts: Dr. Livia Kaiser (Science Support, JLU) and Dr. Martin Blaser (PCMO, JLU)

Invited talk on the EU programmes:

Byron Schirbock, European Liason Officer of the German Research Organisations (KoWi)

Grantees joining the panel discussion:

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kaiser (ERC-StG, Justus Liebig University Gießen)

Dr. Hannes Schihada (MSCA-PF, Philipps-University Marburg)

Prof. Dr. Mirco Göpfert (ERC-StG, Goethe University Frankfurt)


May 24th, 2023, 2:00-4:30 pm

Target Group

Postdocs, junior research group leaders, tenure track professors and doctoral students towards the end of their PhD.

FAQs from the event

Here you find answers to questions that came up during the event.


This is a joint event organised by the Science Support office, the Postdoc Career and Mentoring Office, Graduate Centres of Justus Liebig University Gießen (GGL, GGS, GGN, GCSC), MArburg University Research Academy (MARA) and the Research Support of the Goethe University of Frankfurt. 


We are looking forward to meeting you online!