Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


The word "priOSS" surrounded by the names of the different project groups: Project A: Imaging and Spectroscopy; Project B: Reaction Kinetics; Project C: Intermediates; Project D: Reaction Control Precursor Design; Project E: Steering Molecular Stereogenicity; Project F: Theoretical Investigations.

The LOEWE focus project PriOSS is concerned with complex research questions, that are solved by a team of experts from the areas synthesis, analysis and theory. The five experimental projects A to E are focussing each on one aspect of the surface assisted synthesis. While the projects A and B are using and developing new methods and analysis techniques, the projects C, D and E are investigating the principles and molecular mechanisms of selected surface synthesis strategies.The interpretation of the experimental results depends strongly on the theoretical modelling of the reactions, which is the focus of project F.