Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


WoTuPro: Besuch des Frankfurter Zoos

30.04.2016 von 11:00 bis 18:00 Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, Frankfurt am Main,
If you want to see all animals of the world and how these are fed and are maintained, then come along with us to the zoo. This is a good opportunity to get to know new students. Besides, you will have a lot of fun for sure. If you are interested, just subscribe and join us!

WoTuPro: May-1st-Hike to the Monastery Schiffenberg

01.05.2016 von 11:00 bis 17:00 Vom Lokal International, Eichendorffring zum Kloster Schiffenberg,
The first of May is one of the most well known public holidays in Germany. It's the "day of the work", but nobody will be working. Funny - but true story!

Hike to the Monastery

22.10.2016 von 14:00 bis 18:00 From Lokal International, Eichendorffring to the Monastary Schiffenberg,
For a walk to the monastery we need about an hour. There we will then enjoy the view with a short break and treat ourselves with a beer or a soft drink. Afterwards we'll head back to Giessen unhurried.

Dialog Museum Frankfurt

05.11.2016 von 12:30 bis 18:30 Meeting point: Train station Giessen,
The tour will be completely in the dark, you can not see anyhing, and the guide is strongly visually impaired or blind. Thus we will not be put infront of (art) objects and be bored, but will be put in the life of a blind person and the other senses will be used. Take some small change with you for the cafe in the dark.