Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Required Language Skills

Specific language skills are required for various teaching subjects in the teacher training programmes and for various courses in the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes.

In General

Please note the latest date by which you must provide evidence of having the required language skills (see above PDF documents).
In the following languages, we provide language courses/examinations that can be attended/taken before you begin your studies. Further courses are provided during the semesters.

1.Proof of second foreign language skills

If you have to give proof of second foreign language skills and your school knowledge is not sufficient or you have never attended a second foreign language course, please contact the Centre Competence Development (ZfbK). Here you will get further information on your possibilities for language acquisition.

2. Examinations in required language skills, French and Spanish

If you wish to begin studying for a Bachelor’s degree or teaching qualification in French or Spanish at JLU Giessen in the following winter semester and cannot provide evidence of the required language skills by means of a report on the General Higher Education Entrance Qualification or the DELF B1 (French) or D.E.L.E. B1 (Spanish) language certificates, you can take examinations held by the Centre Competence Development (ZfbK) before beginning your studies.

3. Latin foundation course


  • Protestant Theology or Religion (Bachelor’s study programmes; L3)
  • Catholic Theology or Religion (Bachelor’s study programmes; L3)
  • Classical Philology: Greek Studies or Greek (Bachelor’s study programmes; L3)
  • Classical Philology: Latin Studies or Latin (Bachelor’s study programmes; L3)
  • History (Bachelor’s study programmes; L3)

Courses provided by the Centre for Competence Development (ZfbK). A fee-paying preparatory Latin course is provided (as an alternative to a Latin course during the semester) in preparation for the Latin 1 examination in required language skills.
The examination may be taken before you begin your studies.