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15/12/2022 | VITALS: A didactical and methodical introduction in Virtual International Teaching in Higher Education


VITALS: A new NIDIT workshop series is starting!

The internationalization of courses at universities is increasingly in demand. Through (virtual) international seminars, lecturers as well as students can expand their intercultural but also professional competencies, build international networks and jointly design innovative teaching. In comparison to physical mobility, digital internationalization is considerably less expensive. Moreover, it is more inclusive, flexible and sustainable, while promoting digital competencies of participants. However, these innovative teaching formats also entail numerous challenges such as technical and organizational requirements, special didactical and methodological demands, as well as performance assessment and certification issues.

This cycle of workshops addresses different possibilities for the inter­nationalization of virtual courses, their potential and associated challenges as well as different didactical approaches, methods and tools to design virtual international courses successfully!

The workshop series is aimed at both beginners and advanced lecturers in the field of virtual internationalization! In addition to theoretical input, the focus is also on joint discussion and practical testing.

Topics and dates:

Part I: How to deal with student challenges in virtual international teaching environments | 13.01.2023 14:00-16:00 (UCT+1)

Part II: Communication and feedback in virtual (international) learning courses | 27.01.2023 14:00-16:00 (UCT+1)

Part III: ePortfolios, (intercultural) reflexivity and assessment in virtual (international) learning courses| 03.02.2023 14:00-16:00 (UCT+1)