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Aid fund by the Central Hessian universities and the Research Campus of Central Hessen (FCMH)

Joint call for applications for students, doctoral candidates and researchers from Ukraine with connections to Philipps University Marburg (UMR), Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) or Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen - University of Applied Sciences (THM)

  • Goal

The Central Hessian universities support their Ukrainian partner institutions and provide short-term funding for students, doctoral students and researchers from Ukraine through an aid fund. The aid fund provides funding on short notice for members of the partner institutions and academic partners of the Central Hessian universities for stays in Giessen or Marburg.


  • Funding period

The funding is available in the short term for an initial period of up to six months and serves to bridge the gap until the funding German government's announced funding programmes are up and running.


  • Amount of funding

The amount of funding depends on the status of the person receiving funding:

    • Students: 1,000 Euro per month
    • Doctoral students: 1,200 Euro per month
    • Researchers: between 1,500 und 2,500 Euro per month, if applicable an additional family allowance of 250 Euro per month


  • Target group and eligibility requirements

Students, doctoral candidates and academics from Ukraine who have a connection to or an affiliation with one of the Central Hessian universities are eligible to apply. This includes the following groups, among others:

    • Students or doctoral candidates at the Central Hessian universities with Ukrainian nationality who are in financial need due to the current situation;
    • Students or doctoral candidates who have fled Ukraine and will continue their (doctoral) studies/doctorate at one of the Central Hessian universities;
    • Refugee academics from Ukrainian partner institutions of the Central Hessian universities or with academic connections to one of the Central Hessian universities.


  • Application procedure

The application is usually submitted by the academic contact person at the respective Central Hessian university in Central Hessen. The application for funding is made in writing and includes the following information in particular:

    • Information on the person proposed for funding
    • Information on the connection with the academic contact person (usually the applicant)
    • Type of intended affiliation with one of the Central Hessian universities or the Research Campus of Central Hessen and perspectives for integration of the person proposed for funding
    • If available: further funding perspectives (e.g. AvH, DAAD, HessenFonds)
    • Ukrainian students are invited to apply directly (without an academic contact person).


Application form (PDF)


  • Contact for queries: