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R/Evoking the Empire: Re-Thinking Ukraine's Postimperial Legacies

International workshop on Postcolonial Theory in postsocialist Ukraine


10.12.2021 12:30 bis 11.12.2021 18:30 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Online (Zoom)

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Tarik Cyril Amar (Istanbul), Vitaly Chernetsky (Kansas), Oleksandr Chertenko (Giessen), Roman Dubasevych (Greifswald), Ola Hnatiuk (Kyiv/Warsaw), Tatjana Hofmann & Cyril Venzin (Zurich), Tamara Hundorova (Kyiv), Mariya Mayerchyk & Olga Plakhotnik (Edmonton), Marko Pavlyshyn (Melbourne), Stefan Simonek (Vienna), Yuliya Yurchuk (Umeå), Oleksandr Zabirko (Regensburg)

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The triumphant arrival of Postcolonial Theory in Ukraine in the 1990s made its future look promising. Postcolonial rhetoric proliferated in public discussions along with appeals to “derussification”, “desovietization”, and “ukrainization”. Yet the subsequent renaming of streets and towns and the substantial limiting of the previous scope of Russian literature and culture covered in schools and university syllabi stood in contrast to the long shadow Russia still casts over the media and popular culture domain. Simultaneously, Ukraine’s new self-definition as a “bulwark” on the path of a despotic “Orthodox ummah” (M. Riabchuk), or as a democratic and modern “gate of Europe” (S. Plokhy), indicated a strong influence of the European imperialist imagination. Moreover, the “hybrid war” in Donbas(s), categorized as a Huntingtonian “clash of civilizations” between the “Russian world” and pro-European Ukraine, or as a Kulturkampf inside the country, revealed the stunning persistence of imperialist discourses on both sides.

During two days, our speakers from Australia, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Turkey will discuss the transformations of Postcolonial Studies in Ukraine during their almost 30-year-long history, their applicability and possible instrumentalizations in various cultural and historical contexts, most notably against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Donbas(s). We will pay special attention to the insights the postcolonial discourse can provide to our understanding of the country’s past, present, and future. Likewise, we will discuss how a postcolonial focus on Ukraine could contribute to the global debate on postcolonialty/postimperiality/postsocialism.

The workshop is the first one in the planned workshop series „Postimperial Knowledge after Socialism” organized by the Universities of Greifswald (JProf. Dr. Roman Dubasevych) and Giessen (Dr. Oleksandr Chertenko) and will be held online. We invite all those interested to join our discussion in Zoom:

Meeting-ID: 846 2948 9609

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