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GCSC Keynote Lecture: How to Engage Critically and Responsibly with Cultural Neuroscience?


29.05.2018 von 18:00 bis 20:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


Philosophikum I, GCSC-Gebäude (Alter Steinbacher Weg 38)

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+49 641 / 99-30 053

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The GCSC Keynote Lecture Series is open to anyone interested in attending. To provide relevant topics for the diverse set of research interests pursued within the GCSC, the lectures in this series are positioned for an interdisciplinary spectrum of listeners and centred on current concepts, questions and theories within the study of culture. The lectures are oriented according to the research areas of the GCSC and deliver theoretical and methodological impulses.









Prof. Dr. Cornelius Borck: How to Engage Critically and Responsibly with Cultural Neuroscience?


Since a couple of years, the new sub-discipline of cultural neuroscience announces the neurosciences to be ready to address and investigate the fabric of culture in its relation to its natural substrates. Especially the means of functional imaging are mobilized to show intricate differences and similarities among the neurophysiological basis of highly specific cultural tasks. Is cultural neuroscience a new and viable approach bridging between nature and culture– or rather a problematic example for the dominance of neuro-talk? And what can be a productive role of cultural studies in critiquing its more problematic aspects?


// Prof. Dr. Cornelius Borck (University of Lübeck, Germany)

Professor for History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine and Science at the University of Lübeck