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GCSC/GGK Lecture: Astrid Ensslin: "Literary Gaming: Digital Culture Between Narrative Play and Electronic Literature"


16.11.2021 von 18:00 bis 20:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


online (Webex Events)

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In this lecture, I introduce the concept of literary gaming as a way of understanding the hybrid media ecologies between lucidity (playfulness), narrativity and poetic expression in contemporary digital culture. Taking an aesthetic approach, I demonstrate how literary expression in digital-born media exceeds and subverts traditional notions of literature. Looking at examples of digital poetry and fiction, literary-narrative games and virtual reality installations, I showcase how concepts of worlding, multimodality, and procedurality open up entirely new hermeneutic, phenomenological and critical paradigms that require new, transdisciplinary research agendas for analyzing, understanding and co-creating  these complex works, and for exploring how they can help us address real-world questions and challenges.


// Astrid Ensslin (University of Bergen, Norway)