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Model United Nations: Experiencing International Diplomacy!

On September 7-8 of September, our Giessen Model United Nations (GiMUN) Conference will take place for the third time, with students from all faculties participating in the General Assembly. A report and pictures from GiMUN 2023 can be found here.

Here you can find pictures and a report from our trip to Berlin. An article in the Giessener Anzeiger  can be found here, also on page 8 in UniForum No. 2/4 May 2023.

Click here for the official GiMUN e.V. website and here for our Instagram account.

For those interested in becoming part of the next NMUN or World MUN delegation for 2025: The preparatory colloquium Model United Nations will start in the winter semester 2024/25. To become a member of the delegation and to participate in the preparatory colloquium Model United Nations, a selection process will take place, all interested parties can apply.

The colloquium Model United Nations is offered every winter semester by the Professorship Marauhn and serves as a preparation for the participation in one of the well-known MUN conferences. For this purpose, students of law can acquire a foreign language certificate or a key qualification. Likewise, the participation can be credited as an elective course of Focus 6: International and European Law.

The application process for participation in NMUN 24/25 is now Open! Applications will be opened until the 4th of August 2024!

On our website you will find many articles about our trip in April 2023 as well as photos and reports and further information about our mission and how to join.

There will also be an information Meeting on Tuesday, 18.06.2024, 18:00 in Room 031 (JuWi Campus, Licher Str. 68, 35394 Gießen).

Criteria for the selection process are:

  • Demonstrated interest in international law, particularly the United Nations and international politics.
  • English language skills, especially oral expression; possible international experience
  • Capacity and interest to work intensively in the assigned country and various subject areas (research, presentations, speeches, negotiations, writing position papers, etc.)
  • Enjoyment of discussion and negotiation as well as teamwork, time management skills, reliability and intercultural competence
  • Willingness to get involved in the organizational preparations (e.g. organization of excursions, search for sponsors, social media and website presence, report writing, documentation of team activities, search for experts, etc.).
  • Previous achievements in studies, school and possible volunteer work.

In addition to these criteria, we will include other aspects in order to create a diverse team composed of a wide variety of backgrounds.

After the written application, the applicants will be asked to participate in the Giessen Model United Nations Conference 7-8.09.2024 as the most important selection stage, in which they will be evaluated on the basis of the above criteria. Afterwards, if necessary, oral selection interviews will take place.

Please send us the motivational letter and your Curriculum Vitae in English in a singular document as well as the usual application documents to

Most recently, the Giessen delegation was at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York in 2024 and participated in SiegMUN and MainMUN in preparation for this. In previous years, the Giessen teams had participated in the World MUN Conference. 

Besides the information, reports and pictures on the NMUN Team 2023 page, our activities and reports can be found on Instagram. Here you can find an article about our NMUN participation in the Gießener Anzeiger.

For any questions or applications please send them to us at .