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1. Institutional Failure on Trial (Book Project)
State institutions can fail, and when they do, they often violate human and fundamental rights. As a result, courts increasingly get involved, often in expansive and non-traditional ways. This trend is mostly being applauded by the public and in the literature, but it has so far never been analysed more broadly and in any depth. In my project, I examine how different courts frame their responses to institutional failure, proposing a comparative concept that draws on jurisprudence and scholarly literature from a wide range of jurisdictions, national and international, Southern and Northern, common law and civil law. In a second step, I ask if, when and how these different courts can legitimately and effectively respond to institutional failure.


2. Crisis of Liberal Democracy 


3. Miscellaneous

4. Global Canons in an Age of Uncertainty: Debating Foundational Texts in Human Rights and Comparative Public Law (with Mattias Kumm and Sujit Choudhry)

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First Workshop: Santiago de Chile, June 30, 2019