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University & Faculty 02

The Department of Business Administration and Economics has a lot more to offer than just a quality education in a wide range of business and economics subjects. The department's manageable size facilitates immediate access to faculty members and encourages direct contact between professors and their students. And its attractive campus makes for a pleasant atmosphere of open exchange and productive learning.

Giessen University
With over 20,000 students, Giessen University is the heart of the city of Giessen and the second-biggest university in the state of Hesse. Its 11 departments provide an extraordinary degree of diversity in research and teaching, which has characterized Giessen University throughout its history.
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Faculty 02 - Campus
All main facilities of the Faculty 02 - Economics and Business Studies are located on a single campus. Here you can find the professors' offices, the lecture halls, the department's library, as well as a PC lab and a cafeteria. In addition, tree-lined green spaces invite students to take a break and relax.
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At Faculty 02 - Economics and Business Studies 19 full professors are active in teaching and research. The following list provides a general overview with links to professors' individual websites as well as to their online news and download services.
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