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Managing the Innovation Process (SS)

Content of the course "Managing the Innovation Process" (Lecture and Exercise)

Strategies in innovation management have changed enormously over the last decades. With so many messages bombarding customers in the marketplace today, it is now more difficult than ever to establish customer loyalty and to develop successfullly innovations. Companies without innovation management as a dominant functional strategy are at a disadvantage in today's business world. This course builds on this understanding and helps students to develop an understanding and capacity for managing innovation processes. A particular focus will be placed on specific stages of the innovation process as well as on strategic decision making throughout the innovation process.

Managing the Innovation Process is designed for students who are interested in the comprehensive strategic questions corporations face today. This course will enable students to apply advanced frameworks, concepts, and methods for innovation strategic choices throughout the innovation process not only for product innovations but also for service or business model innovations.

Detailed information will be provided in the first meeting.

Student feedback

  • "Interactive design, many questions and suggestions."
  • "Interaction with students, stimulation for discussion, provision of the script in advance, and methods of knowledge transfer."

Course structure

Module code: 02-BWL:MSc-B10-1
Responsible for the course: Prof. Dr. Monika Schuhmacher
Contact person: Alexandra von Preuschen

Summer term                                         

Method of examination:


Course language: English
  • to be announced

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