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PhD Workshop: Lectures on Cartels

Cartel agreements have received much attention – and considerable fines – by competition authorities over the last years. This may also be attributed to an increased theoretic comprehension about the functioning of cartels. From January 20th to 22nd Prof. Joseph Harrington (John Hopkins University, Baltimore), one of the most influential scientists of research in cartels, presented fundamental theories as well as new findings concerning this topic at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. In doing so, Prof. Harrington followed the invitation of Prof. Dr. Georg Götz, who is professor for industrial economics, competition policy and regulation in Giessen.


Prof. Harrington started his series of lectures with a talk about the globally operating vitamins cartel, which was active during the 1990s. His talk, titled “Communication and Monitoring in Cartels”, was part of the economics department's research colloquium. Prof. Harrington especially focussed on how cartelists attempt to achieve a stable cartel agreement while being under competition authorities' surveillance.


During the two consecutive days, Prof. Harrington offered a series of lectures on cartels which was embedded in the department's PhD-program (MAGKS). The MAGKS-program is a joint initiative of the universities in Marburg, Aachen, Giessen, Goettingen and Kassel. Besides MAGKS-members, further young, European researchers attended the workshop and discussed their own work with Prof. Harrington.

Teilnehmer des Workshop