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Theory of International Trade

Module description

The course 'Theory of International Trade' is part of the Master of Science major 'Economics of Global Risk' and 'Economics'. It can also be included in the 210 ECTS and 240 ECTS Bachelor's program. The module is structured as a lecture with integrated tutorials and takes place every winter semester. It is held in English. Moreover, it is recommended to have already completed the module 'International Economic Relations' before enrolling.


Module content includes aspects from the following areas of foreign trade theory and policy:

  • Generalizations of the neoclassical theory of foreign trade
  • Trade in intermediate goods and fragmentation of production
  • World market integration and effects on labor markets
  • Globalization and economic growth






Responsible for module

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meckl

Start Winter semester

Further information especially place and time will be announced on Stud.IP.