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Living in Giessen

Everything you'll need to know about student life in Giessen: from accommodation to wakeboarding.

Giessen City Life
As a mid-sized town with a large number of people in their 20s, Giessen has a distinctly youthful feel: The presence of a large student population shapes Giessen's physical appearance, its cultural life and arts, and its entertainment venues (including the quite remarkable bar scene and nightlife).
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City Map
This site will give you an overview of the city and the public transport system in Giessen.
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Finding accommodation is the first hurdle you'll need to take on your way to enjoying student life in Giessen. While overall prices are reasonable (rents for a single room range from €150 in a university-run dormitory to €400 elsewhere), hunting for a place to stay can be quite a hassle. For this reason, Giessen University actively supports your search, especially through the International Office, which should always be your first contact if you have any questions or problems relating to accommodation.
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Sports & Leisure
Giessen offers many activities and sports classes. Whether you prefer athletics, basketball, soccer, or water skiing – you will not be disappointed by the choice of classes on offer.
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