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Masters' Degree

The Faculty 02 - Economics and Business Studies offers a consecutive Master's degree program for BSc graduates. They can either major in Economics or Business Administration.

Our department offers B.Sc. graduates the possibility to study for a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in either Business Administration or Economics. Both M.Sc. degrees are research-focused programmes which aim to further students' in-depth understanding of selected academic specialties. As such, an M.Sc. degree is also one of the preconditions for future doctoral studies. 

The M.Sc. is designed as a two-year (four-semester) programme. As on the B.Sc. programme, students are encouraged to elect and combine their preferred areas of study, and there is also an option to specialize in an elective focus area. In the first year, M.Sc. students mainly attend foundational modules, some of which are taught in English. Reflecting the increasingly international nature of teaching and research in our field, visiting professors from foreign universities are integrated into the teaching programme wherever possible. The second year features various advanced modules and concludes with the Master's thesis. 

Both Master's degrees are also modular degrees based on a credit-point system. This means that all courses taught (e.g., lectures, tutorials, seminars, etc.) count as parts of modules. Each module concludes with a final examination taken at the end of the semester. Students who pass this examination are awarded six credit points per module. Once students have earned a given number of credit points in their compulsory and elective modules, they are awarded the M.Sc. degree. 

This modular structure gives students more flexibility with respect to exactly when to attend certain modules and how many of them to attend in a given semester. As a result, students will find it easier to integrate their studies at our department with attending elective courses offered at other departments of JLU, doing internships with companies and going abroad for work or study. Especially when studying abroad, the credit-point system allows students to earn credits abroad and have them count towards their degree at home.