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Language courses and term papers

Language skills and pre-courses

Due to the high workload of learning the Latin and Ancient Greek languages in the first two semesters, we highly recommend attending the Latin pre-course before the beginning of your studies.

Please find the contact of Wiebke Nierste and more information here.


Deadlines for term papers in school internships

During their internships, the students do not have to write term papers.

  • If you cannot work on the topic of the term paper until the end of the term, you must extend the deadline by the duration of your internship.

  • If you are given the opportunity to write your term paper at the beginning of the semester, unfortunately, no extension of the deadline can be granted.

Sgd. Prof. Dr Ansgar Kreutzer (Managing Director); Prof. Dr Franz-Josef Bäumer; Prof. Dr Matthias Schmidt