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Stark, Michaela, Dr.

28052 | | Curator of the Collection of Classical Antiquities

Dr. Michaela Stark


Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10, D-35394 Gießen, Building D Room 10
Consultation hours: currently via Email und MS Teams
Phone: 0049-641-99-28052



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Research Projects



    • 2019: Bilder-Welten. Eine Zeitreise in die Antike. Exhibition of the Collection of Classical Antiquities (exhibition opening 19.5.2019)
    • 2019: Kleider machen Leute – Margarete Bieber und ihre Studien zur antiken Tracht. Special exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of Margarete Bieber's habilitation (27.6. – 13.10.2019) (in cooperation with M. Recke, Frankfurt)
    • 2019-2020: Reisen in die Unterwelt Antike Unterweltskonzepte und ihre Rezeption. Special exhibition (17.11.2019 15.2.2020, extended until 29.3.2020) (in cooperation with C. Rinn, Department of Art History, JLU)
    • 2020-2021: Gruppenbilder von der Kunst des Gemeinsam-Seins (29.10.2020 31.07.2021) (in cooperation with K. Lorenz)
    • 2022: Im Reich des Dionysos - die Antikensammlung der JLU zu Gast im Alten Schloß (exhibition opening: 25.03.2022).


  • Museum 3D – A virtual exhibition space as a DigiLab for museums and teaching [more...]
  • Diagnoptico – A digital description and analysis trainer for studies and cultural heritage education funded by HessenHub. [more...]