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Funeral Culture and Funerary Architecture at the Northern Wetteraulimes: The Southern Necropolis of the Arnsburg Limes Fort

Excavation at the southern necropolis of the Limes fort Arnsburg 
South of the Arnsburg Limes fort, the archaeological investigation of a funerary monument with a central burial took place in autumn 2019 after the evaluation of a new aerial photograph and subsequent geophysical prospection.
In the course of an excavation, students of JLU Giessen documented a burial structure with a so-called bustum burial at the necropolis of the Limes fort 'Alteburg' Arnsburg near Lich-Muschenheim (district of Giessen) from 10 to 28 August 2020.
Here you can find impressions of our excavation campaign in August 2020.
A first excavation report has been published in 'Denkmal Hessen':

J. M. Koch – K. Mückenberger, Elitebestattung eines römischen Kohortenpräfekten? Ein Prunkgrab am Limeskastell Arnsburg "Alteburg" bei Lich-Muschenheim (Lkr. Gießen), Denkmal Hessen 1, 2022, 60–63.


Contact Person: Dr. Julia M. Koch