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Project: Acceptance, Formation and Transformation on the example of Islamic Religious Education

Description of the project


The project at hand is an analysis of the acceptance and development of Islamic religious education in Hesse elementary schools as well as the contribution of the subject to the school and social integration of Muslim students. Furthermore, the study is intended to provide insights into the formation of religious identity among elementary school pupils.

For this purpose, interviews with parents and children as well as teachers of Islamic faith and contact persons from the Islamic communities are planned.

The findings and results of this study are primarily intended to evaluate and optimise Islamic religious education. This means that after analysing, evaluating, and interpreting the results to be obtained empirically (in the categories: concepts, methods, contents, subjects, and actors), the core curricula and pedagogical materials for the school sector are to be critically reflected and - at a later stage of the project - if necessary revised or newly developed.

Dr des. Asligül Aysel (project manager), Esma Öger-Tunc (project assistant) and Halil Ibrahim Keskinkilic (student assistant)