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Why should I decide on the ICB program?

Our ICB programs are:

  • interdisciplinary and highly customizable - you can choose your favorite first and second language and combine it with a business minor.
  • practice- and competence-oriented - it includes an intership and engages in project-based teaching to develop teamwork and problem-solving skills highly relevant for your future work.
  • international and innovation-oriented - during your semester abroad you will not only improve your language skills but develop intercultural competences that will later be your unique selling points.

How is the study program structured?

  • All information about the programs can be found here.

Which criteria do I need to fulfil?

  • You can find all necessary criteria and requirements here.

How do I apply?

  • You can find information on the application process here.

What is the NC (numerus clausus)?

  • The ICB programs do not use the NC. In general, however, the NC is a tool to limit the number of applicants to a study program and is usually a certain grad in your university entrance qualification that has to be met.

How important are practical experiences/ internships during the study program?

  • Within the B.A. program an internship or project for practical experience is required. This will make up 10 CP of the program.
  • Within the M.A. program an internship or project with practical application can replace the second foreign language. This will make up 20 CP of the program.

I want to study abroad, where can I find relevant information?

  • You can find all information about studying abroad here .

I almost finished my studies – what can I do next?

  • If you want to apply your knowledge practically, the programs enable you to take on a position in a multitude of work environments. You can find possible job positions here.
  • If you are doing your B.A. or M.A. and are interested in further studies or in research and academic work, you can keep on studying our M.A. "Intercultural Communication and Business" or look for open phd positions respectively.