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This page contains directions to Giessen from three airports in the area.

Frankfurt International Airport

The airport located closest to Giessen is Frankfurt International Airport. This is the recommended and most convenient choice.

How to get to Giessen from Frankfurt International Airport

The journey from the Frankfurt Airport to Giessen (spelt Gießen) takes just over one hour by train. The cheapest single ticket to Gießen currently costs € 14.50. There are two train stations at Frankfurt Airport. To travel to Gießen you can take a train from either station and change at Frankfurt Main Station ("Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof"). The journey to "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" takes 10-15 minutes, the onward journey to Gießen about 45 minutes.

Frankfurt/Hahn Airport

Various low-cost-airlines (e.g. Ryanair) fly to Frankfurt/Hahn Airport, located 180 km from Gießen - the name "Frankfurt"/Hahn is deliberately misleading!

How to get to Gießen from Frankfurt/Hahn Airport

A bus service connects the airport with the main train station of Frankfurt (the bus leaves once an hour; the journey takes about 1:45h). The bus stop is directly in front of the airport terminal; the bus ends on the south side of Frankfurt main train station ("Hauptbahnhof"). A single bus ticket currently costs about €14. Once you arrive at the train station, take a train to Gießen (see information on Frankfurt International Airport).

Cologne/Bonn Airport ("Köln-Bonn")

Various scheduled as well as low-cost airlines fly to Airport Cologne/Bonn, located 160 km from Gießen.

How to get to Gießen from Cologne/Bonn Airport

From the airport, take the S-13 train (=Rapid Transit Train) to "Köln Hbf" (= Cologne Main Station). From there, take a train to Gießen, either via Troisdorf/Siegen or via Frankfurt (duration of journey: approx. 2:30h). For further information please consult the homepage of the Deutsche Bahn.