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Didaktische Werkstatt Sprachen

Welcome to the homepage of the Didaktische Werkstatt Sprachen at the Department 05 of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen !


Here you will find information about:
Concept of the "Didaktische Werkstatt Sprachen" and the possibilities that await you,
the stock of media,
the opening hours,
general information about the use of the "Didaktische Werkstatt Sprachen",
events and workshops

"Didaktische Werkstatt Sprachen" is a meeting and training space at the interface of university, school and training seminars. In the sense of a workshop, students and lecturers can use the workspace, which responds to central needs of teacher training courses due to the compilation and preparation of didactically relevant literature and practice materials, the availability of multimedia workstations and the possibility to create practice materials at the work table. 

You will find a constantly updated and representative collection of teaching materials for the subjects German, English and DaF/DaZ, including specialist literature, textbooks and films, enables a review and critical examination of didactic and methodological approaches and concepts.




The offer for primary and secondary education includes::


  • Textbook series (language and reading books) 
  • Copy templates and handouts
  • Teaching materials to promote the competence areas of speaking
  • pronunciation, listening comprehension, mediation, vocabulary, grammar
  • Copying templates, assessment of learning levels for diagnostics and support
  • Creative methods for teaching English (school years 5-13)
  • Games and puzzles for English lessons (Speaking Games)


The media collection is provided as a reference collection and cannot be borrowed. All media can be used within the "Didaktische Werkstatt". High-resolution scanning facilities are also available on site. Detailed information about the inventory can be obtained on site.

Note: The "Didaktische Werkstatt Sprachen" is still under construction. We therefore ask for your understanding if the inventory is not yet complete.


Contact for questions about the material for English:

Dr. Leonhard Krombach


For further references, please visit