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In its Development Plan 2030 (Entwicklungsplan 2030) and in its Sustainability Strategy 2030 (Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie 2030), JLU Giessen has incorporated ‚Sustainability‘ as a fundamental cross-sectional dimension of university development. Consequently, the associated visions and objectives are to be embedded transversally into all areas of English language teaching and research. In view of the empirically well-documented lack of cohesion in teacher education in Germany (Stifterverband 2024), the TEFL department will offer a thematic cluster on promoting sustainability for the first time in the coming winter semester. It will extend across all teacher education courses (L1, L2, L3, L5) and BA and MA courses (Anglophone Studies) as well as all four central TEFL areas of language, literature, cultural and media. With financial support from the Local Centre for Teacher Education (Zentum für Lehrkräftebildung), Dr. Ricardo Römhild (University of Münster) will serve as an external expert to bolster the initiative.