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Joint Project Participants and Their Subprojects

PI PhD Olga Plakhotnik (University of Greifswald)


E-Mail: olga.plakhotnik



The subproject “Building Nation, Negotiating Identities: Sexual Citizenship on Ukrainian-Russian Borderland” examines how identities and belongings are negotiated in regional LGBT+ communities on the Ukrainian-Russian borderland in wartime. Using a combination of critical discourse analysis and a decolonial approach, it seeks to connect borderland as a material-symbolic condition of everyday life and border thinking as a method. 


JProf. Dr. Roman Dubasevych (University of Greifswald)


E-Mail: roman.dubasevych



Using the concepts of memory and gender studies as well as psychoanalytic trauma theory, the subproject “Trauma, Heroism, and War” puts the recent developments in Ukraine into the context of the dominant Ukrainian memory paradigm. Against the backdrop of the Cossack myth, “the battle of Kruty,” UPA guerrilla warfare, the victims of the Maidan massacre, and the current war victims, the research explores the interplay between trauma, heroism, and humiliated masculinity, as well as their influence on political imagination and peace process.


PD Dr. Martin Henzelmann (University of Greifswald)


E-Mail: martin.henzelmann



The linguistic reality in Ukraine is viewed primarily as the competitive use of Ukrainian and Russian. The members of the numerous linguistic minorities and their needs are, on the contrary, rarely considered. The subproject “Tracing Language(s) and Ethnicity in Budzhak” thus aims to document the perspective of these groups in southern Bessarabia and to highlight their point of view on Kyiv's current language politics.


Dr. Oleksandr Chertenko (Justus Liebig University Giessen)





The subproject “After Masculinity. Female Perspectives on the War in Eastern Ukraine” examines the specific figurations of the feminine in Ukrainian literature by women in the context of the war in the Donbas(s). By this means, it attempts to gain a deeper understanding of the conflict's causes, its interpretations, and cultural repercussions.


Dr. Oleksandr Zabirko (University of Regensburg)


E-Mail: oleksandr.zabirko



Dr. Alina Strzempa (University of Regensburg)


E-Mail: alina.strzempa



The subproject “Poetics of Industrial Landscape: Donbas(s) and Upper Silesia in Comparative Perspective” explores the literary and cinematographic representations of the (post)industrial living environment against the background of global and regional structural changes which affect the old industrial regions. In this regard, the project's focus is on the discursive potentials of regional spaces and ecocritical thinking as well as the relations between borderlands and national centers.