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Technical Rent

(c) Charlotte Bösling

Technical Rent:

Monday: 12-14h
Tuesday: 12-14h
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 12-14h
Friday: 12-14h

Theaterlabor (PB3000), Bismarckstr. 24 A, 35390 Gießen

Wednesday 14-16h
Stage distribution as usual at Wed, 13.45h.



Phone 0641-9931214
Mail (in general):
Mail (Hiwis PB2):




Stage distribution:
Wednesdays, Online: 13.45h; please sign up via the stage request form!


Atelier distribution:
every four weeks after the stage distribution. Atelier distribution is announced by e-mail.


Stage distributionplan:
The stage distribution plans are shared via e-mail after the stage distribution meetings.


Speaking hours:

Wednesday 14-16h on PB3

Wednesday 14-16h Pb2 or Strahli

Wednesday 14-16h Mediastudio 1

Videospeakinghours : On demand, please write to Merthe Wulf one week in advance

Maren Küpper, Felix Schwarzrock,  Ruth Süpple, Merthe Wulf, Jannis Wulle