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Dust is everywhere. In the cracks of your computer keyboard, on the leaves of your yucca palm, in the fabric of your fanciest dress. No matter how and how often we clean up dust, it always comes back. As a companion of all living things, it reminds us of the future: death. Or better: the continuation of life in another form. A vision in which the rest of my body is united with the rest of a table edge and a sock. Under the microscope, we can see the diversity of dust particles floating through the air like stars through space, until they finally sink down on surfaces, almost weightless knitted fabrics, woolly mice, mutzes. Later we find inside the vacuum cleaner bag: the dirty, grey and small archive of our everyday life. Who and what does it consist of? Do great feelings also become dust in the end? How can the decay be traced back? Who is responsible for it? Yes, exactly, who actually cleans this theatre and what does it all have to do with the operetta?
In electromagnetic operetta costumes, äöü presents a piece of theatre development in the large vacuum cleaner bag made by " Black Box" about the very big questions of form and content, life and death, paid work and gender, magic and engineering, theatre and performance theatre.


Konzept & Performance: äöü (Patricia Bechtold / Johannes Karl)
Spezialeffekte & Performance: Carlos Franke
Performance: Sarah Wessels
Bühne & Kostüm: Eunsung Yang
Dramaturgie: Franziska Schneeberger


  • Performance
  • Festival - MADE FESTIVAL

09.06.2022 • KASSEL KULTURHAUS DOCK 4 – Studiobühne Deck1 • 20h00



Aus dem Innenleben eines Staubsaugerbeutels
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