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cuteness won't save you

We used to listen to this song when it was still dark outside:

And I work and I work all day and night
I wonder if I’m ever gonna get it right
I push and I push to get ahead
I know I gotta make my daily bread
I know I don’t have time to lose
I wonder if I really have time to choose
I barely have time to shed a tear
I hardly have time to shake the fear

And the body says: Remember you gotta breath! […] Take your time to grieve!
The mind says: Let the silence flow! […] Allow yourself to grow!
The spirit says: Cast your eyes above! […] Fill your heart with love!
The heart says: Seek the light within! […] Let the dance begin!
And my mother says to me: Enjoy your life!

– Beverly Glenn-Copeland


a dancing solo by Carina Premer
in close collaboration with
Darío Bardam
Katja Cheraneva
Ida Daniel
Rahel Kesselring
Anneliese Ostertag
Laura Stellacci
Zrinka Užbinec


  • Performance
  • Tanz
  • Premiere
  • Abschlussstück (Carina Premer)


Supported by Hessische Theaterakademie (HTA) and the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen.



  • 02.06.22, 9pm, Frankfurt LAB Schmidtstrasse 12 60326 Frankfurt am Main
  • 03.06.22, 9pm, Frankfurt LAB Schmidtstrasse 12 60326 Frankfurt am Main


cuteness won't save you
Credits Image: Rahel Kesselring