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a game of hiding behind sight, to retrieve unexpected perspectives that can bring us closer together, by moving us apart in space. 
we care to reflect notions of public: how sustainable are encounters between participants of a performance? As public spaces became inaccessible, we began investigating digital conference settings for their possible reinterpretation as spaces of freedom of imagination. How can they be inhabited in a way to offer communion? 
We found that drawing each-other, allows us to share soundscapes, temperatures and memories, regardless of appearance or skill. 
After a year of weekly encounters, we now invite people to take part in a session of this online practice with us. I reassure that it is not our intention to expose anyone, or create any compromising situations. 
We invite you to experiment, take this time and in the most candid sense: enjoy the company. 
Each session takes about 60 min. and will happen on Zoom

Kanade Hamawaki
Mara Kirchberg
Josephine Pascale Rudolph
Nina DeLudemann

  • Peformance
  • Online Score
  • Final Piece

further Performances

  • 29.03., 18-19h 
  • 05.04., 10-11h 
  • 07.04., 10-11h 
  • 12.04., 14-15h 
  • 12.04., 18-19h 
  • 14.04., 17-18h
  • 14.04., 18-19h 
  • 18.04.,16:30-17:30h



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