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and with : Roland Siegwald
Leonie Rebentisch (9. J.)
Gießens Blower's quartet
women's choir Aull
sheep of the Hardhof Giessen

Material: Hermann Löns, animal stories
all kinds of song
property German history in a tape, from the beginnings till this day

place: a very old, empty jewellery in the city centre of Giessen.

Moorbach is the name of a very little town

Aim: to surch for an audience that is normally not in the theater through putting the stage in the city centre where everybody passes and through take actors and musicians from the town

Situation: the spectators stand on the street, by the shop-windows and the glass door is pursued the events. The piece slowly develops, light and tone and picture set up and develop. E.G., the blower's quartet that plays outdoors, goes in. Light in the background. Dumb play. In the end will transfer from inside to outdoors the tone of a cloth that above the table glides, the tones arise until the actors speak in the end outdoors live. Increasingly the piece opens to the spectator until he is asked in the end to enter and it ends in a dance together with the spactators.


by Ana Berkenhoff / Anselm Belser

Past Performances

  • 2005-06-10, premiere , Theatermaschine Giessen , Hardhoffestival Gießen