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Dorkbot Shanghai#3


*LLND (Paris): Intermedia Artists
Francis Lam (Shanghai): Media Artist / Creative Technologist at W+K
Wei Wei (Beijing): Multimedia Artist / Designer
Tobias Rosenberger (Germany): Media Artist


For dorkbot Shanghai #3, Tobias will present three of his more recent works; one about hardware-hacking, another one about hacking of surveillance cameras, and finally one work that is based on the military chapters of ancient Chinese philosopher and engineer Mozi.

About dorkbot Shanghai:
With electricity connecting the dots; artists, hackers, engineers, inventors, DIY enthusiasts, and people just like you, regularly meet at dorkbot events in over 85 cities around the world to exchange ideas in casual surroundings. The trusted motto of dorkbot worldwide is “people doing strange things with electricity.” dorkbot Shanghai is simply the Shanghai chapter of dorkbot.


by Tobias Rosenberger


Past Performances

  • 2010-09-26, Xindanwei, Address: 4C,Bld 4 IIInShanghai Hub,No.727 Dingxi Road,Changning District,Shanghai, CHINA