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What happens if you let speak the body about something else, which you can’t solely describe with linguistic terms and statements? The project „La coquille“ would like to have a closer look at a body/ language or the body as „the Other“ of language. According to the textual basis of Elfriede Jelineks "er nicht als er" we would like to draw together with one performer Ludger Lamers the choreographic attention to the gaps and interspaces of the body. Key aspects of the work lay in the question of how parts of the body – if you understand them as a set of actions – can be seen as different typs of multidimensional branchings of an organism? Furthermore, how could the performer as a self-affirming and self-constitutive subject take thereby center stage in the choreographic process?


by Johanna Manzewski, Daniel Franz, Ludger Lamers, Stine Hertel, Jan Rohwedder


Past Performances

  • 2010-08-05, premiere , Frankfurt LAB, Schmidtstrasse 12, Frankfurt/Main
  • 2010-12-20, Giessen