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„Bild und Ton müssen einschnappen“ SOUNDTRACKS FOR FILM AND STAGE

At all locations of the institute

Please note three installations in advance:

Anne Mahlow und Asja Mahgoub would love to invite two persons at a time to Ballet of Knights at PB2. It could make sense to be a few minutes early. It can be visited on Feb 2nd between 10am and7pm. Please book a timeslot at doodle

There is a Walk-in Installation by Marie Meyer & Calendal Klose

Hea®ling Spa . Hea®ling Spa is opening it's doors

on Feb 1st between 4pm and 10pm and

on Feb 2nd between 4pm and 7pm

for only one person at a time. Choose your favourite time slot in the following doodle:

Please be at the basement door left side of the Audimax in time. Our staff will pick you up. It will take you about 20 min to experience Hea®ling Spa.

“Seesturm“ nach einem Gemälde von Adam Willaerts a durational loop by Rupert Jaud already opens Feb 2nd already at 6pm at Probebühnchen Schiffenberger Weg.


Scenic Project
by Studierenden des Instituts für Angewante Theaterwissenschaft unter der Leitung von Prof. Heiner Goebbels 

Past Performances

  • 2017-02-02, Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft