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LOSE COMBO feat. Sonar Quartett After having to be postponed twice, the materials of LOSE COMBO’s most recent work has been stowed into digital containers. Some of which are now accessible on the web: as ATLAS' WIRBEL | CONTAINER. In April, the Reinbeckhallen in Oberschöneweide became a performative laboratory for LOSE COMBO’s cartographic experiment. Together with Sonar Quartett countless mythological, literary, etymological, anatomical and geographical entanglements of Atlas were explored. In their lectures, Claudia Splitt and Florian Feigl tell of remote volcanic islands and rare birds, of Greek gods, ancient historians and postmodern encyclopedias, referring to anecdotes and geographical descriptions. While the musicians of Sonar Quartett navigate through Jörg Laue's cartographic composition STRICH, based on the first Portolan map, the so-called Carta Pisana. The CONTAINER version of ATLAS’ WIRBEL invites its audience to browse through 9 to 17 minute sequences of materials and remixes that accentuate different aspects of the work. Insights to scores and text materials, video excerpts and tape recordings, as well as stagings of concerts and text performances. Instead of (or rather: bridging the gap to) a life performance, ATLAS' WIRBEL | CONTAINER will be unveiled on June 14th, 2021.

concept/space/text/sound/video Jörg Laue | performance Claudia Splitt / Florian Feigl | Sonar Quartett Susanne Zapf (Violin), Wojciech Garbowski (Violin), Nikolaus Schlierf (Viola), Konstantin Manaev (Cello),technical supervision/lighting Fabian Bleisch |audio engineering Mattef Kuhlmey | video- and programming Florian Fischer | artistic support Johanna Ackva / Nina DeLudemann |production mgmt M.i.C.A. – Movement In Contemporary Art, Raisa Kröger / Katharina Meyer | PR Fellow Publishing - Johannes Fellmann |graphic design Carmen Klaucke Container: camera Maximilian Hilsamer | editing Jörg Laue |sound Mattef Kuhlmey / Jörg Laue | webdesign Christopher Martin A LOSE COMBO production, in cooperation with Sonar Quartett, funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa and initiative neue musik berlin e.V., in cooperation with Stiftung Reinbeckhallen

  • A Performative Cartographie’s Provisional Archive
  • Premiere