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Aus dem Innenleben eines Staubsaugerbeutels

Dust: work or aesthetics? Dust is everywhere, autonomous – as gray dust mice or in smallest particles – it floats through our lives. As the color of all colors, it reveals itself to be a medium, material or disturbance – and fills vacuum cleaner bag after vacuum cleaner bag.

äöü take a closer look at the "Black Box" brand and dissect this dirty, grey and small-scale archive of our everyday lives. A search for the beauty of dust, for form and content, life and death, wage labor and gender, magic and engineering.

Dust: an operetta, a vacuum cleaner concert, explosions of light.


  • Performance


Konzept & Performance: äöü (Patricia Bechtold / Johannes Karl)
Bühne & Kostüm & Performance: Eunsung Yang
Spezialeffekte & Performance: Carlos Franke
Dramaturgie: Franziska Schneeberger
Mentorat: Frauke Meyer, Bernhard Siebert



  • Sep 01, 2021, 7pm, Hauptsache Frei#7 | Hamburger Sprechwerk
(c) Ingo Solms