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Body Boom Boom Brain (Vol. II) - no one escapes p*b*rt*y

During the Corona pandemic, something strange is happening in a theatre somewhere in Germany: the empty auditorium is hitting puberty. In their short thriller “Body Boom Boom Brain”, PINSKER+BERNHARDT invite (indeed!) everyone over the age of 12 to explore fucking p*b*rt*y as the ultimate brain-body-killer of all human conditions. The theatre becomes a physical laboratory, in which growing pimples and pubic hair take over, while the staff tries to get to the bottom of this absurd spectacle. Digitaler Mousonturm 


Body Boom Boom Brain // PINSKER+BERNHARDT
Konzept, künstlerische Leitung: Janna Pinsker und Wicki Bernhardt
Performance: Wicki Bernhardt, Frithjof Gawenda, Johannes Karl
Bühne und Objekte: Arnita Jaunsubrēna
Kostüme: Martha Pinsker
Musik: Jan Preißler
Sound: Max Smirzitz
Kamera: Cornelius Schaper
Schnitt: Janna Pinsker und Wicki Bernhardt
Künstlerische Mitarbeit/ Assistenz: Maria Werner
Produktionsleitung: Lisa Gehring
Licht: Matthias Rieker
Ton: Ingo Müller


  • Film 
  • Premiere



01.04. - 15.04. Digitaler Mousonturm