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more than one

Do you ever get this strange feeling that you are not alone, never really alone? That some dreams can become too familiar, that most places are already visited and can only be returned to. That you might sometimes not recognize yourself in the mirror, that it can be easier to see yourself in someone else. In »more than one«, four performers explore the boundaries between things too familiar and completely unknown, examine the space within regularly interrupted solitude and a collectivity that is never really accomplished, surfing on the rhythms created in collaboration between difference and sameness. In sharing the stories of the pasts, futures, and presents of the parallel universes, their reality subsides into daydreaming.

Concept, choreography, performance: Amélie Haller, Herbert Graf, Nastya Dzyuban, René Alejandro Huari Mateus  Stage and costumes: Nikolas Stäudte Stage and light: Marina Rengel Lucena Dramaturgy: Liza Spivakovskaya Camera: Svenja Polonji, Nikolas Stäudte

We want to thank Livia Andrea Piazza and Bojana Kunst for their mentorship and support as well as our dear colleagues and friends who came to see our rehearsals for their beautiful precious thoughts and feedback.

Performance developed in cooperation with the festival 21. Internationale Schillertage / Nationaltheater Mannheim, Hessian Theatre Academy and supported by the Cultural Office of the city of Gießen.

  • Performance
  • Final piece



22.6.21 at 20 o'clock / Online / Nationaltheater Mannheim / the stream of the piece will be available for 48 hours afterwards

29.6.21 / Gießen Probebühne II / the performance takes place in the frame of examination 30.6.21 / Gießen Probebühne II / the performance takes place in the frame of examination