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In day-to-day understanding, to fail is to have a lack of success, deficiency of desirable qualities or being in a state of “not functioning”. To fail would also stand for disappointing oneself or others, and not achieving someone’s goals. To fail is therefore a consequence of a pre-existing right or wrong. Project.Fail is a piece composed by two humans, one machine and multiple viewers. Somewhere on borders between the virtual and analog worlds, the performers behave sometimes as humans and sometimes as avatars in a game of losing/gaining power and control. By relating to each other as well as to the invisible machine, they propose a situation for questioning the ways humanity lives and the choices that brought us to our current crises and failures.

Language: English

Concept and Performance: Alice Nogueira und Ana Clara Montenegro
Dramaturgy: Alice Nogueira
Voice off: Sven Rausch
Camera and video-editing: Talisa Frenschkowski und Simon Lenzen
Light design: Carina Premer
Sound-recording: Jannis Wulle
Sound-editing: Felix Schwarzrock
Assistant director of filming: Rodrigo Andreolli
Photo: Talisa Frenschkowski

  • Performance



From 07.06 until 10.06 20h Streamed by Studio NAXOS:


Project.Fail (c) Talisa Frenschkowski

Project.Fail (c) Talisa Frenschkowski

Project.Fail (c) Talisa Frenschkowski