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S O UN D | | n g

S O UN D | | n g is a long durational performance that will be shown at TAC Berlin, as part of the project FEAR, NO FEAR. It reflects the experience of a friend’s death who, living in exile, died separated from his closest friends and relatives. Aware of the deep connections people hold despite physical distance, the work dwells on the collectivity of death. 

Could conversation about such a sensitive topic contribute to keeping memory alive? 

The work focuses on a repetitious quality of performances, as potential for "life after death". 
During the duration of the performance, I will fold 99 origami rats. A symbol of hope for survival, but also gesture that prepares for death. 
Created in the "Year of the Rat", it is a tribute to those people who died in hindsight of the last months’ confinement. 

The project FEAR, NO FEAR focuses on the present global state of collective fear and anxiety and unfolds in three chapters at Times Art Center Berlin from April – July, 2021.

commissioned and kindly supported by TAC Berlin 

The project FEAR, NO FEAR was initiated by Huang Xiaopeng and 
Co-curated by Dorothee Albrecht, Antje Majewski and Stefan Rummel 
The curatorial team invited artists across generations, from the 1960s to the 1990s, to present their works on the complex spectrum of themes mentioned above, with the artistic media spanning sculpture, installation, video, performance, painting and photography. The artists of diverse international backgrounds are predominately based in Berlin, as well as Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and the Pearl River Delta; one young performance artist is based in Yaoundé. Many of these practitioners have been exploring the theme of fear from their individual perspective for a long time. 
In our current, complex realities, it is not unusual that fear takes hold of our bodies. We encounter difficulties breathing because of anxiety. This may originate in “objective” immediate threats and dangers, or in psychological factors. This condition leads to further anxiety about an uncertain and unpredictable future.

Nina DeLudemann

  • Performance
  • Premiere


17.07.21, TAC Berlin Brunnenstraße 9 10119 Berlin, Germany